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Our Mission​

Chemgrit  will not compromise on Service, Quality, Reliability and Flexibility. We believe in building long term partnerships with our customers. We will capitalize on the inflexibility and lack of service offered by larger companies and rise to the challenge of going the extra mile to provide exceptional service. Chemgrit realizes that people are the key to our success, i.e., our customers, suppliers and personnel are our future.

The Chemgrit Group would like to say a huge thank you on behalf of Ubuhle Bezwe for the amazing support they have received during 2020.  Thanks to generous donations the house has been renovated with upgrades to beds, installation of shelving, painting, inside and out as well as general maintenance, electrical and plumbing repairs.
Both Barbra and the children are so proud of their ‘new’ home.

Chemgrit and its staff took on the School Shoe Project and we are thrilled to report that each child at Ubuhle Bezwe will have a new pair of school shoes when they start in 2021.


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