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Dairy and Dairy Drinks

Dairy or dairy based drinks may not immediately spring to mind as the obvious choice for sports drinks. We are generally more accustomed to seeing isotonic type drinks being used by athletes, however dairy offers many benefits to athletes.

Rehydrating is key for sustained athletic performance and for effective rehydration, fluid needs to be taken in adequate volumes to replace sweat losses. This amount will vary between individuals and depends on factors including the type of exercise and environmental conditions. Electrolyte-containing fluids help ensure the fluid is retained more effectively by the body.

Milk is a source of electrolytes and carbohydrates

Milk is a natural source of the essential electrolytes and carbohydrates needed to provide effective hydration. Scientific studies have shown milk hydrates better than traditional sports drinks and water. However, milk's consistency and protein content, which is slow to digest, have presented barriers for athletes before and during exercise.

GoodSport Nutrition, a Chicago-based start-up, has shaken up the sports drink landscape with their breakthrough innovation launched in March this year.

The company’s GoodSport™, is a first-of-its-kind natural sports drink made from the goodness of milk that delivers superior hydration backed by science in a clear, delicious, thirst-quenching beverage.

GoodSport’s drink delivers three times the electrolytes and 33 percent less sugar than traditional sports drinks. All ingredients are from natural sources, it is a good source of calcium, excellent source of B vitamins, lactose free and shelf stable.

The company made use of ultrafiltration to harness milk's electrolytes, vitamins and carbs to create a clear beverage with a mouthfeel consumers would expect from a sports drink. The part of the milk used to make GoodSport is called permeate.

The power of permeate

Permeate is a co-product of the manufacture of dairy protein ingredients, namely whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, ultrafiltered milk, milk protein concentrate and milk protein isolate. Permeate is typically void of fat and has a high lactose content while also being a concentrated source of many varied minerals and non-protein nitrogen compounds, which gives it a salty taste.

The sugar and minerals solution is similar to what isotonic manufacturers add as individual ingredients to a water base. Permeate inherently contains all of these hydration compounds.

Furthermore, by using permeate, the company is contributing to the dairy industry’s sustainability story because it is rescuing the by-product from being discarded, as until recent years, permeate mostly had been sold into the animal feed supply chain.

Chemgrit Food sources and supplies a variety of ingredients into the beverage industry and are happy to assist with any new product development ingredients and enquiries. For information contact Chemgrit Food.

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