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Fragrance Trends 2020

There are several trends that are driving changes in the world around us. For example, the rise in environmental awareness and sustainability is forcing the beauty and fragrance market to become more transparent, source ingredients more ethically and offer recyclable or better packaging solutions for the products we all love to use.

Other trends include a move away from using gender to define both fashion and fragrance, with the focus being on the individual and personality. And talking of the individual the rise of the millennial and their spirit of fun is another strong theme for 2020/21.

Key Trends:

Modern Fluidity: This captures a sense of hope and optimism, with a more open-minded focus and view of the world. Boundaries, such as gender will become less important, opening up a world of creativity in terms of fashion, beauty and fragrance. The Gen Z generation will continue to break down barriers and support the movement that gender is an outmoded construct.

THE FRAGRANCE LOOK: When it comes to fragrance, notes and ingredients aren't assigned to gender. This will see more genderless fragrances entering the market that are non-binary and reflect the wearer’s mood or personality, not their gender. Modern Fluidity aims to change boundaries and re-imagine fragrances that speak to the wearer as an individual.

Ocean Tranquility: Here we look to protect, treasure and immerse ourselves in the serenity of the sea, with the focus being on protecting and cleaning up oceans of plastics and pollution. This rising awareness and social consciousness will affect our fashion and lifestyle choices.

THE FRAGRANCE LOOK: Perfect for this trend, fragrances will be immersed in an aquatic spectrum of marine notes including salty accents, fresh aromatic and marine accords. These invigorating and uplifting notes capture the essence of the ocean perfectly.

Nature Reawakening: This is about reconnecting with nature and embracing its beauty and the wellness it provides. This trend is about working with nature rather than against it, be it through natural colours and natural materials in design but also where aesthetics, durability and functionality respect the environment.

THE FRAGRANCE LOOK: Fragrances will need to offer greater transparency in as consumers are eager to know the stories and materials behind a fine fragrance and what makes it unique. A greater awareness of nature and natural materials will also result in fragrances that emphasise greener notes as well as capturing the beauty of nature.

Positive Vibes: Reflecting the mood of the season, this trend is unapologetic and bold! Featuring a rush of colours to excite the senses, this trend draws its inspiration from the millennial generation and is about being fierce and sassy! Driven by social media and capturing every moment as it happens, Positive Vibes is all about summer fun and living in the moment.

THE FRAGRANCE LOOK: Juicy, fruity notes and exotic florals capture this trend and instantly transport us to sunnier shores. Blackcurrant, raspberry, rhubarb and mandarin are key notes giving fragrances a fruity, zesty pop in the opening. Beautiful and exotic frangipani is also celebrated for its intoxicating and complex floral character.

[Source: Fragrance Oils (International) Limited]

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