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Bath and Shower Market Trends

According to their report on the bath and shower market, FRAGRANCE OILS (INTERNATIONAL) LTD, the world of bath and shower continues to bridge the gap between functional and luxurious, as the bathroom continues to evolve into a place of pampering and pure indulgence.

Major players are sweeping into bathroom cabinets of consumers with a variety of sophisticated offerings built around the concept of creating an indulgent spa experience at home. Thanks to consumer demand for mood enhancing products, combined with the recent wellness revolution, we have seen a new wave of products that take the modern day world in which we live and its hectic lifestyle into consideration.

From those that help you de-stress and unwind to others that promise to awaken the senses and instil a sense of renewed energy, Decléor has unveiled a new collection of bath and shower gels to suit every mood, while in the UK, Boot’s new Live + Be Collection is entirely vegan and specially crafted to support the practice of mindfulness every day.

While consumers seek high-performing products that go above and beyond simply cleansing the skin, it comes as no surprise that the market has welcomed a variety of innovative formats and exciting scents. Thus, bubbles are back- only this time they are taking the form of fun and frothy foaming washes. Featuring a self-foaming pump, major players Lynx, Radox and Carex are amongst the latest to launch shower mousse collections to indulge you in a nourishing, foamy lather while doubling up as a shaving foam- allowing consumers to wash, shave and smell great- all in one shower!

Mirroring the trend for products with greener credentials in personal care, natural and organic products are coming to the fore in bath and shower too, with brands placing even greater focus on key demands such as recyclable packaging, sustainable ingredients and vegan formulations.

Having paved the way in providing men with naturally derived, straight-forward grooming products, UK grooming brand Bulldog has recently launched four environmentally friendly shower gels, featuring 100% natural fragrances, each housed in post-consumer recycled packaging, while Original Source’s new Hydrating Water Infusions collection features 100% natural and vegan-friendly formulations.

In line with consumers’ growing environmental conscience, and willingness to spend more on products that promote a moment of ‘me time’ in the bathroom, mass market brands are taking this opportunity to premiumise and enhance perceptions of quality beyond price tag with a luxury label.

Male grooming brand Bulldog has introduced four new environmentally friendly shower gels. The shower gels are said to feature 100% natural fragrances and are housed in 100% post-consumer recycled packaging. The collection includes Peppermint & Eucalyptus, Original, Lemon & Bergamot and Vetiver & Black Pepper.

Chemgrit Cosmetics represents Fragrance Oils (International) Ltd in South Africa and supplies the local personal care and fragrance industry with quality fragrance oils and perfumes.

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