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Epoxy Flooring for Warehouses

Epoxy flooring has grown in popularity in recent years. It is being used in everything from factories to high traffic areas such as restaurants and even in modern homes.

Here are why to consider epoxy coatings:

Enhanced Appearance

When it comes to warehouses, aside from employees, many do not see the inside of warehouses. Therefore, warehouses do not need a fancy design. However, a warehouse still must appear to be professional.

Epoxy flooring is available in different colours and styles. If the flooring is concrete or boring, epoxy flooring can cover any flaws or cracks to make it create a more appealing look. A high-gloss finish can help improve the look of an imperfect floor and create a professional appearance.


An epoxy coat can turn concrete flooring into smooth and easy to clean flooring. Dirt and dust can be easily cleaned.

Therefore, lingering bacteria that can be found in concrete will no longer be an issue. All that is needed to clean the flooring is an antimicrobial solution to create a clean hygienic floor.


Epoxy flooring coats are also durable solutions that can handle high foot traffic which tends to occur within warehouses. Since forklifts and other heavy machinery are also commonly used, these are the perfect solutions.


Epoxy flooring is also less expensive than other flooring finishes, lasts longer and is resistant to heavy damage. The flooring also reflects light which leads to a reduction in lighting costs.

Increased Productivity

As a smoother flooring option, epoxy can help improve productivity since inventory can move through a warehouse at a faster rate.


Despite being shiny, epoxy floors are quite are indeed safe. Epoxy flooring is resistant to slippage. If needed, the flooring is safety friendly as different colours can be used to determine zones within a warehouse.

Limited Disruption

Epoxy floor coating is a simple installation. Therefore, a business installing epoxy flooring will not be disturbed for long. As soon as the coating dries, the warehouse can resume its operations.

[Source: Industry Painting]

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