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Fragrance Trends

As we head into a new decade, the perfume and fragrance industry is seeing some interesting new trends. According to Fragrance Oils (International) Ltd in a market flourishing with variety and a more enthusiastic consumer base than ever before, fragrance is breaking new boundaries!

Given the experimental mindset of millennial and Gen Z consumers, many recent fragrance launches provide bold scent statements, unusual material combinations, and call-outs of unheard-of or seldom-used notes.

No longer is the trend for exotic ingredient stories confined to the fine fragrance market - the bath and shower, home fragrance and even laundry care products are increasingly showing decadent and interesting fragrance choices.

Fragrance Oils constantly monitors new launches across everything from fine fragrance to household care, across premium, niche and mass sectors. This allows the company to identify emerging trends.

Six key olfactive fragrance profiles that represent current trends across a number of different personal care and household categories have been identified.

FRESH - made up of fresh notes – think an exhilarating breeze, icy sea spray, crushed green leaves and crisp, cool herbal notes – can bring a sense of pure invigoration! As a fragrance profile, fresh scents are incredibly diverse, working well across a number of product formats from an energising morning shower gel, to a cleansing home fragrance collection.

CITRUS - Infused with vibrancy and energy, citrus fruits evoke the tangy spirit of summer! The inclusion of lemon, grapefruit, orange, mandarin or bergamot in fragrance warrants a sensation of liveliness. These fragrances radiate excitement and are popular in bright, summer perfumes, citrus is also perfect for invigorating shower products and is also drawn popular in home fragrance and cleaning products.

FRUITY - Bold and exciting, fruity scents can be as lusciously fresh as a summery fruit salad, or as vibrantly sweet as an exotic cocktail. Flamboyant coconut, vibrant cherry, exotic mango, hypnotic kiwi, blackberries, gooseberries, nectarines, peaches – all provide the most amazing inspiration for perfumers. They can work just as well in a spirited fine fragrance, uplifting shower gels, as well as home fragrance and household care.

FLORAL - Floral scents can be pretty, ethereally fresh and even opulent, but always possess an element of romance! This classic fragrance profile is popular in everything from fine fragrance to laundry care, drawing on its classic feminine allure.

GOURMAND - Gourmand fragrances are truly tempting and enticing, equipped with nostalgic properties, channelling the happy memories of a childhood filled with candies and carefree days. Defined by their mouth-watering allure, gourmand fragrances often smell good enough to eat and include coffee beans, caramel and roasted cocoa to name just a few. It is this element of comforting indulgence that has made this profile more popular than ever.

WOODS - Woody perfumes have a real depth to them, often featuring earthy tones such as patchouli, amber, sandalwood and oak moss. Although masculine scents like leather, tobacco, and cedar may also come to mind, woody fragrances are actually very sensual and it is often the fragrance profile that provides inspiration for the growing number of unisex offerings.

Christmas 2019…

And just in time for Christmas The Body Shop has introduced its special edition seasonal fragrances – Rich Plum Delight, characterised by a warm, fruity and indulgent fragrance courtesy of plum extract from Turkey; Juicy Pear Delights which has a fresh fruity fragrance from pear extract from Italy and Warm Vanilla Delights which is sweet and creamy thanks to vanilla extract from Madagascar.

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