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Ingredient Trends

There are some interesting trends and movements when it comes to ingredient trends both locally and internationally. We share with you the top ingredients and foods as forecast by Kerry Trendspotter™, an artificial intelligence tool powered by IBM Watson that predicts trending food, ingredients and flavours.

1. Hyper local foods:

Local ingredients packed with taste and nutrition will remain a big space for innovation, given the wide variety and potential. Think unmodified ancient grains and local spice pastes that can elevate a recipe or enrich flavours.

EXAMPLES: Spelt, buckwheat, local herbs like fynbos (natural bush), mudumbi (sweet potato); African spinach

2. Immunity boosters:

Immunity is important for good health and fighting infections. Traditional local ingredients – vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, spices – are preferred for their perceived immune-building and anti-infection properties.

EXAMPLES: Cardamom, cinnamon, garlic, spirulina, yuzu lemon

3. Probiotic complex Food:

These support gut health, help fight infections, and boost immune health.

EXAMPLES: Kombucha, kimchi and kefir

4. Adaptogens:

Foods that strengthen the body’s ability to adapt to extreme stress.

EXAMPLES: Basil, amla, ginseng

5. Micronutrient foods:

Local plants, seeds and spices for specific vitamins, minerals, and anti-inflammatory benefits.

EXAMPLES: Turmeric, ginger, tamarind, star anise, chia seed

6. Micro sensory food:

Foods that stimulate specific senses – visual, olfactory and mouthfeel

EXAMPLES: Saffron, lemongrass and edible flowers

7. Modern additives:

Additional ingredients that either enhance taste, status, or the visual appeal of food.

EXAMPLES: Chocolate/ cacao, matcha, truffle, kale, acai

8. Smart street food:

Refined version of local street foods with a focus on health, food safety and hygiene. Beyond just pre-mix options, these now include freshly sourced ingredients which are prepared to order, and often packaged to strict hygiene standards.

EXAMPLES: Frozen version of shawarmas (UAE, Saudi Arabia) Turkish kumpir (baked potato)

Chemgrit Food sources and supplies various ingredients to a wide range of food industries. For information contact Chemgrit Food.


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