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Online Boost Beauty and Skin Care

We have spent a lot of time looking at ourselves in the past 12 months or so, but possibly not in ways we would have expected. Rather than using mirrors to see reflections of ourselves, we have all become familiar with what we actually look like to others thanks to online meetings, zoom parties etc.


As a result even those who have never really taken too much notice of what they look like or how many wrinkles they have, have become aware of the condition of their skin.

Furthermore, who would have thought that “screen time” would be measured in terms of potential skin damage, but thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic all of these things have happened, and they are having an interesting impact on the beauty industry.

In a recent article, the magazine Vogue discussed the rise of online dermatology. Basically, without being able to see their doctors or specialists in person, patients or clients have resorted to e-consults which involves uploading images and providing information about skin concerns and then having skin care or treatments delivered to your door.

Forehead Focus

It is also no surprise that much of the focus has shifted upwards – to the eyes, forehead and cheeks as that is where most of the focus is on, in our new online world or our world behind masks.

Moisturisers and serums with skin care ingredients that address concerns in these areas have boomed.

Multitasking Makes Sense


Whilst some of the world may be hooked on K-Beauty and its multi-step/multi-product method, a large part of the skin care world has been affected by economic conditions and a renewed awareness of the impact our excessive lifestyles are having on the environment.

Products and skincare ingredients that do more than one job are flying off the shelves and as a result formulators are innovating with this mind. Serums which, for example, contain both azelaic acid and niacinamide are proving popular. These products also continue to bring the spa or professional beauty experience home, with many skin care clinics and spas still either shut or limited in what they can do.

Skincare ingredient suppliers are reporting increased sales in Vitamins A & C as these deliver visible results without professional treatments.

More or Less (Make-Up)

Even the way we wear make-up seems forever changed. Bare faced and natural beauty seems to have gained even more popularity – not only because we are going out less and when we do much of our faces are hidden by masks but also because online requires a different look – which is not to say we never wear make-up but it is more about highlighting than hiding.

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