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The Indispensable Power of Titanium Dioxide in Coatings

Roller with white paint on wall.

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) remains a staple in paints and coatings for several reasons, despite advancements in technology and the introduction of alternative materials. In this blog we break down why Titanium Dioxide is still popular:

Superior Opacity and Whiteness

Opacity: TiO2 offers exceptional opacity, meaning it effectively covers underlying surfaces in fewer coats, saving time and material.

Whiteness: Its brilliant white colour ensures paints and coatings maintain brightness and vibrancy, vital for achieving desired shades.

UV Resistance and Durability

UV Stability: TiO2 provides excellent UV resistance, preventing the degradation of underlying surfaces when exposed to sunlight, thus prolonging the life of painted materials.

Durability: It contributes to the durability and weather resistance of coatings, protecting surfaces from environmental elements.

Versatility and Performance

Chemical Inertness: It’s chemically inert, making it compatible with various binders and additives used in paints and coatings.

Stability: TiO2 maintains stability over time, preserving the appearance and performance of coatings in different conditions.

Compatibility: It can be used in various types of paints (water-based, solvent-based) and coatings, enhancing their properties across different applications.

Regulatory Compliance and Safety

Regulatory Approval: TiO2 has a long history of safe use and regulatory approval for applications in the paint and coating industry.

Non-Toxicity: It’s considered non-toxic, making it suitable for use in consumer products and coatings applied in areas where safety is a concern.


Economic Viability: Despite fluctuations in price due to market conditions, TiO2 remains a cost-effective option due to its effectiveness in formulations, requiring lower quantities compared to some alternatives.

Long-Term Benefits: Its performance characteristics often offset initial costs through improved durability and reduced maintenance.

Continuous Innovation and Research

Advancements: There is constant and ongoing research and development aimed at enhancing TiO2’s efficiency and addressing any environmental concerns related to its usage.

Efficiency Improvements: Manufacturers are also constantly refining production methods to optimise TiO2's performance and environmental impact.

Therefore, despite challenges like cost fluctuations and environmental considerations, the unique combination of properties TiO2 offers in terms of opacity, durability, safety, and versatility keeps it indispensable in the paints and coatings industry.

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