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Unpacking the Onion Powder Market

Food security has meant that food products that have a long shelf life and can be stored for lengthy periods of time have become important to the food industry. As a result, powdered products such as onion powder have seen substantial growth with the market value for the onion powder market expected to reach $11.02 billion by 2029.

The Basics about Onion Powder

Onion powder is made from dehydrated onions that adds the same flavour as fresh onions. Onion powder is used in several different food products such as soups, sauces, pizzas, canned food, sea food, salads, meat, and many others. It is also a prominent ingredient in seasoning salt and spice mixes.

Commercial onion powder is prepared by using methods such as freeze-drying, flow drying, vacuum-shelf drying and dehydration.

Growing Demand

Wide application of onion powder as a seasoning and food ingredient has resulted in the expansion of the onion powder market.

The growth in the global onion powder market has mostly been driven by the growing popularity of ready-to-eat food products including noodles, soups, sauces, pizza, pastas and powdered sauces and meal mixes.

In the catering and hospitality industries onion powder is in great demand as it delivers a stronger flavour than fresh onion and is therefore more economical to use.

It can be packaged in various ways from pouches and cans to aseptic cartons that preserves the flavour of onion powder for a longer time.

Health Benefits

Onion powder also has several health benefits: it contributes to bone health, immunity, muscle, nerve functioning and helps with regulating blood pressure. It is also low in calories but high in nutrients including vitamin C, B and potassium. Furthermore, onion powder consists of specific compounds such as quercetin and sulphur compounds, which help in reducing high blood sugar level.

COVID-19 Impact on Onion Powder Market

At that start of the pandemic consumers stock-piled products with a long shelf life. As a result, sales were stabilised to some extent. Because of the pandemic, consumers have adjusted to a new normal lifestyle and as a result, an increasing number of consumers prefer quick and nutritious snacking options.

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