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Welcome our Food Scientist

Chemgrit Food is pleased to welcome a new member to the team – Food Scientist, Shannen de Andrade.

We asked Shannen a few questions so that we could get to know her better…

What is a Food Scientist?

A food Scientist can be defined as a field that deals with the processing of raw agricultural produce into food products that are acceptable for human consumption, although I personally like to think of a Food Scientist as:

“Someone who makes use of the science of food to develop new and innovative products that are safe, nutritious and tasty!”

Describe the skills needed by a Food Scientist.

A Food Scientist possesses the skills necessary to convert raw materials into the safe, attractive food products and beverages available on our supermarket shelves. We constantly seek to improve existing techniques by which new products are developed, processed, packaged, stored and transported.

Food Science is a field of study that applies various sciences including chemistry, biochemistry and microbiology as a means of discovering new ways to improve the taste, nutrition and quality of the world's food supply.

What are your qualifications?

I have a BSc. (Hons.) Food Science. I did my honours research on South African Labelling Legislation and the customers perception of the implication of our legislation. This has given me an excellent understanding of Sensory Science and Labelling Legislation, which I hope to put to good use at Chemgrit Food in order to help customers as much as possible.

What is your experience?

I have worked in Technical and New Product Development with experience in food service, savoury snack production, fruit and vegetable processing and manufacturing for a major FMCG company and a well-known South African retailer.

What is your favourite part of being a Food Scientist?

I have always loved trying new food products and being a food scientist has given me an even greater appreciation for the food industry. One of my favourite past times is wondering through the food isles to discover new and innovative products.

What do you think are the biggest emerging trends to look out for?

In the past consumers would eat food purely for the enjoyment and sustenance it gives them. I believe that in the next few years consumers will start looking to functional foods that give them additional health benefits such as Spirulina, Carrageenan and Collagen.

As our impact on the environment comes more into light, I believe food manufacturers will need to start looking at their packaging and discovering new ways of creating reusable or recyclable packaging which will result in some interesting packaging innovations.

What is your role and Chemgrit Food and how will you be of assistance to customers?

My role at Chemgrit is a Sales Representative but additionally I will be a technical resource to customers, where I will hopefully be able to give customers technical advice during product development and really become a resource for them throughout their products life span. I am also excited to grow Chemgrit’s product offering and I am hoping to source some new and exciting products to add to our current product offering.

Chemgrit Food would like to extend a warm welcome to Shannen and we are looking forward to having her valued input.

Contact Shannen on 27 11 397 4455 or email

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